a lifeless culture

In the United States alone, 2740 babies are aborted each day. Women stand in marches and protests claiming that it is their “right” to abort a child, it is their “right” to murder the baby they created. Feminists almost seem proud of the fact that it is legal to murder a child. They proudly proclaim that they have had abortions, and Planned Parenthood employees proudly walk their next victims into their doors to undergo what they deem a “medical procedure.” This country, with its women’s rights movement, has turned abortion into a matter of pride. Women are proud that they do not have to pay the consequence for their actions, they can just go kill their child and openly talk about it, daring those around them to judge. Men are proud that they can use women for their bodies all that they want, because if it results in a pregnancy, they can just go “take care of it” with an abortion. Murder is okay. Murder is a choice. Murder is a right. The right to murder is something a woman should be proud of. There’s so much power in knowing you can take the most innocent, basic form of life, and people will applaud you for your “bravery.”

I wonder how liberals can so proudly support abortion, but they cry in anger when a teenager shoots a school full of students. I wonder how they can look at the 60 million babies that have been ripped apart in the womb since Roe v Wade in 1973 and feel no remorse, yet feel anguish when a school shooting occurs. I wonder how they can support the right to murder an unborn child, yet they marvel that school shootings are occurring more and more often, with no gun control law being able to stop them.

They look at black people being mistreated and prejudiced against, they preach that Black Lives Matter, yet they do not speak of the fact that abortion centers like Planned Parenthood are statistically placed more often near black and Hispanic neighborhoods. They dare not mention that, each year, more black babies are aborted than born alive in New York City. I wonder how they can claim to care so much about minorities without caring that entire races are being exterminated through Margaret Sanger’s population control method known as abortion. They want the disabled to be treated the same as everyone else and not to experience discrimination, yet they see no moral issue with allowing a mother to abort her child simply because he or she is diagnosed with Down Syndrome or a disability. And feminists will not tell anyone that over 100 million babies have been aborted worldwide simply because their mothers found out they were girls.

Liberals look at the children in foster care and abusive homes and claim that this is why we need abortion, to save children from experiencing so much hurt…I wonder how they can say children in foster care would be better off dead, that they were just accidents that could have been fixed if their mothers had aborted them, yet they cannot figure out why adolescents and adults feel no value or self worth, why so many people are struggling with depression, and why more and more people are committing suicide.

The United States is looking at these issues and wondering why they are occurring. They are looking at the school shootings happening seemingly more and more often, the prejudice in our nation, and the suicide rates on the rise and asking why all of this is happening. But we already know the answer. It is because life is not valued. The Pro Choice movement has removed all respect for human life. Abortion says that accidents exist, but God says that all life comes from Him and no child is a mistake. Abortion says that life does not matter and therefore taking a life is a choice, but God says that murder is a sin and that all life is valuable and precious. Abortion says that some lives are less than perfect, but God says we are all masterpieces made in His image, and we are all fearfully and wonderfully made.

What started out as a “woman’s right to choose” has turned into something much deeper, something the liberals never saw coming, and something they do not have a solution for. They tried to just remove the respect of the life of a fetus, but they have degraded the value of all human life. It’s not only unborn children who are seen as less than human- it’s also the ill and the elderly. A woman with terminal illness is applauded and called “brave” for taking a pill to kill herself. The elderly are made to feel that it is their “duty” to die instead of living until God chooses to take them home. Teenagers who have been abused their whole lives feel worthless and valueless as they hear Pro-Choicers arguing that the kids in their very situations would have been better off if they had been aborted. So why do they look at those same teenagers and wonder why they kill themselves? Why are they shocked that a troubled kid walks into a school and shoots a student in the head? Why are they shocked that there is prejudice against minority races, the disabled, and sexism still exists, when minorities, the disabled, and women are the specific targets for abortion?

Some Conservatives, most famously Tomi Lahren, believe that it would be best if Republicans backed down from the Pro-Life fight and focused on more important issues. There is a serious problem with that mindset. There is not a single issue more important than the Pro-Life fight. Not only are millions of unborn lives at stake, but so is the rest of the population, whose lives will continue to be devalued until absolutely nothing matters anymore. Our society does not value human life anymore, and that puts our future in a very dangerous place. The message of purpose and calling that the Bible brings has been removed and replaced with the Big Bang theory, that we are all just accidents created by gasses in the cosmos. The left can create as many gun laws as they want to, and they can preach as many beauty and self image messages as they want, but nothing is going to change until the life of the unborn child is respected again. Nothing will change until we remember that God knew us and appointed us before we were even in our mothers’ wombs. A teenager is not going to be convinced his life matters until our society goes all the way back to the beginning, back to conception, and says that the value life begins there. If not, there will be more and more people murdering others and themselves each day. The whole nation can continue to ask why, but the culture of abortion is the reason why. This culture does not care about human life, and that has to change. I do not want to see what will happen next if it does not.

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