How Are You Presenting the Gospel?

The Bible is not just a book of rules. It is so much more than that. The Bible is a love story written to you by your Creator. If the gospel is presented as a list of do’s and do not’s, the world, your friends, and even your children will want nothing to do with it.

So, how are YOU presenting the gospel? Are you showing love and compassion to your sinful neighbor, or are you showing judgement and condemnation? Are you trying to convince others of Christianity by painting a dark image of hell, or by showing a life full of peace? Do you constantly complain about how terrible your life is going for you, or are you staying positive through your trials because God has given you joy? We call it the “good news,” but are we really presenting it as such?

It is easy to let the world know what we are against. They can figure it out by the things we choose not to participate in, the things we post on our Facebook, the political issues we rant about, or even sometimes by the way we dress. But how much more powerful it would be if we lived our lives and spoke in a way that showed the world less of what we are against, and more of what we are for! I support unconditional love. Forgiveness. Unspeakable joy. Kindness. Grace. Mercy. Peace that surpasses all understanding. Hope. Freedom. That’s the real gospel. Following Jesus is the greatest choice I ever made, and those are the reasons why. The love God has shown me and the joy he has given me is so amazing. It’s not a simple prayer to save you from hell. It’s not just a bunch of rules you follow, a dress code, or a simple checklist to heaven…It’s a real, chain-breaking, mountain-moving, reckless love of a God who gave his life for you, a relationship with the one who created you.

I hope to from now on live my life and speak of God in a way that shows how much joy the Lord has given me. I don’t want to try to scare people into becoming a Christian. I don’t want to gripe and complain about every political issue I disagree with or judge every person who is living a different life than me. I want to present my Savior in the loving way that made me first want to follow him and show them how much it can change their life for the better! This really is the GOOD NEWS!

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